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  • Ukrainian flags on statues in Balakiya, Ukraine, which was under Russian occupation.

    Official backtracks on suggestion Ukraine could give up land for membership

    Kyiv angrily rejects proposal from secretary general’s chief of staff, saying it would reward Russian aggression
  • A rally by some of those behind the military coup, in Niamey, Niger.

    Coup backers call for mass mobilisation amid military threat from regional bloc

  • Donald Trump and Fani Willis.

    Donald Trump
    Prosecutor Fani Willis faces racist abuse after indicting ex-US president

  • The interior of the British Museum

    British Museum
    Staff member sacked after items vanish from collection

    • Migration
      At least 63 people feared dead after boat found off Cape Verde

    • ‘Crisis situation’
      Canadian fire nears biggest city in Northwest Territories

    • Kenya
      CEO regrets her firm took on Facebook moderation work after staff ‘traumatised’

    • Science
      Ötzi the iceman had receding hairline and dark skin tone, study reveals

    • 'Pathetic'
      Democrat attacks McCarthy for protecting Santos after aide charged

    • Bradley Cooper
      Actor in ‘Jewface’ storm after Leonard Bernstein trailer reveals prosthetic nose

  • A damaged section of the bridge after the attack

    Kerch Bridge
    Ukraine intelligence agency says sea drones carried out attack

  • Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin

    Putin to discuss capital controls to help prop up rouble, report says

  • A view of destroyed houses following the Russian rocket attack in the village of Stavchany, Lviv Region, Ukraine on 15 August 2023.

    At a glance
    What we know on day 539 of the invasion

  • Vladimir Putin

    Russia turning to sleeper cells and unofficial agents


  • Burned palm trees and destroyed cars and buildings in the aftermath of a wildfire in Lahaina. Dozens of emergency workers have mobilized to aid in the search and recovery.

    ‘There’s a lot to get through’
    Hawaii crews comb ruins of Lahaina for missing fire victims

    At least 106 people have died – a figure set to rise significantly as workers carry out the painstaking work of identifying remains
  • Rudy Giuliani

    'He knows Rico better than anyone'
    Giuliani championed the organized crime act. Now he’s charged under it

  • Aldis Hodge, Neil Brown Jr, Jason Mitchell, O’Shea Jackson Jr and Corey Hawkins in Straight Outta Compton.

    It’s a rap
    What are the greatest hip-hop movies?

    The genre, which turns 50 this month, has led to surprisingly few movies but the best include a black-and-white comedy and a starry documentary
  • illustration of two people's online profiles and suggested meals for them

    How might AI change fine dining?
    Creepily customized dishes and facial recognition

    Artificial intelligence could take personalized service a new, possibly sinister level – but can it really replace a chef?
    • An illustration of a tiny home

      Swiss army knives and compromise
      How to live well in a tiny home – by the people who do it

    • Javier Colon in Outlast on Netflix.

      ‘I was going into anaphylactic shock’
      The inside story of TV’s most dangerous reality shows

    • A conspiratorial eye down a rabbit hole

      From Sound of Freedom to Ron DeSantis
      How QAnon’s crazy conspiracy theories went mainstream

    • TALES FROM THE CRYPT, from left: Joan Collins, Oliver MacGreevy, 1972<br>HBFCR4 TALES FROM THE CRYPT, from left: Joan Collins, Oliver MacGreevy, 1972

      Short sharp shocks
      The glorious return of the Amicus portmanteau horror film

  • ‘The possibility that Trump’s threats might silence potential witnesses or that his rants might intimidate jurors, prosecutors, and judges, cannot be dismissed.’

    Trump is undermining the entire US judicial system with another big lie

    Robert Reich
  • Flooded areas in Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine

    Russia is committing grave acts of ecocide in Ukraine – and the results will harm the whole world

    Andriy Yermak and Margot Wallström
    By the war’s end, it will be too late to prevent the worst consequences of these terrible crimes. Global leaders must act now, write Andriy Yermak and Margot Wallström
  • Tipping point … the constant nudging for tips at every interaction feels intrusive and stressful.

    Tipping culture in the US is out of control – we’re even asked to tip self-checkouts

    Arwa Mahdawi
    There are prompts to add around 20% for simply buying a pint of milk at the local shop or picking up a coffee. How can we stop this madness?
    • A pair of muddy black football boots hang up by the laces against the white wall of a changing room.

      How do men really bond? For me, it’s been 25 years of kicking a ball – then sharing the stuff of life

      Graham Snowdon
    • Man explaining something to child

      Mansplainers! Stop boring your fellow adults. Try dadsplaining instead

      Joel Snape
    • A 360-year-old sweet chestnut tree in Greenwich Park in London, shortlisted in the Woodland Trust's tree of the year competition.

      Salute the tree saved from the axe because people showed they loved it. That’s the fighting spirit we need

      Alys Fowler
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  • A group of people are brought ashore in Dover, Kent, on Monday

    Channel crossings
    EU denies reports it has rejected UK deal to return people who make crossing

  • El Acebuchal today.

    75 years on, Franco’s cruel punishment haunts a mountain village

  • A nudist beach in Costa Brava, Catalonia.

    ‘A lack of respect’
    Catalonian nudists campaign against clothed tourists

  • Electric automobile production at Volkswagen (VW) vehicle plant in Zwickau <br>epa10650176 A Volkswagen employee completes a quality control inspection on an ID.3 automobile on the electric cars production line following assembly at the Volkswagen (VW) vehicle factory in Zwickau, Germany, 24 May 2023. The plant in Zwickau, completely re-equipped for electric mobility for a total of 1.2 billion euros, produces exclusively all-electric vehicles and has become the largest and highest-performance electric car plant in Europe for the Volkswagen group. EPA/MARTIN DIVISEK

    Is Germany’s great economy sinking?

  • The most recent decision will likely be appealed to the supreme court for review.

    US appeals court upholds restrictions on pill access

    Ruling prevents mifepristone being prescribed by non-doctors or shipped by mail but does not order drug off market
  • Manchin at a Senate appropriations committee hearing on 16 May 2023.

    Joe Manchin
    Democrat vows ‘unrelenting fight’ against US climate law he helped pass

  • A stack of the latest weekly edition of the Marion County Record with headline seized but not silenced

    Newspaper raided by police to have seized items returned

  • man playing golf

    US senator warns top Saudi over refusal to testify on golf deal

    • Exclusive
      Canada calls gender violence an epidemic after triple femicide inquest

    • Northern Ireland
      Man arrested after police data leak

    • Rupert Murdoch
      Media mogul dating again, four months after breaking off engagement

    • Crooked House
      UK pub owner linked to landfill that also went up in flames

    • Nile Rodgers
      Artist asks populist Swiss party to stop using We Are Family ‘soundalike’

  • A New Orleans resident walks through floodwaters coated with a fine layer of oil in the flooded downtown area on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005.

    Climate crisis
    Deadlier Atlantic storms disproportionately killing US people of color, study finds

  • A helicopter drops water on Maui’s wildfires last week

    Non-native grass species blamed for ferocity of Hawaii wildfires

  • A dried-up river in Iraq

    Water supplies
    Extreme water stress faced by countries home to quarter of world population

  • Operation Xapiri agents stand back from a fire in the Tapajós basin of the Amazon rainforest.

    Driving out the rainforest invaders
    Crackdown on illegal mining in Brazil brings hope after Bolsonaro era


  • Placido Domingo, left, appears with Renata Scotto in 1981.

    Renata Scotto
    Italian opera singer dies at 89

  • Film Name: BLUE BEETLE Copyright: © 2023 Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved. TM &amp; © DC Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/™ &amp; © DC Comics Caption: XOLO MARIDUEÑA as Blue Beetle in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “BLUE BEETLE,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. - press film still

    Blue Beetle review
    Perky superhero caper offers more of the same

    DC’s first live-action Latino superhero adventure is a milestone for representation and a solidly entertaining diversion but suffers from overplayed beats
  • Red Dead Redemption is being rereleased.

    Pushing Buttons
    Why Red Dead Redemption’s return could be another rerelease gone wrong

    I’ve been waiting to replay this taut, sometimes beautiful western since I binged it years ago. But fans are right to fear that a new port may not live up to its potential
    • Stevie Wonder playing his harpejji.

      ‘If Stevie Wonder wants to play it, pay attention!’
      How a bizarre new instrument found unusual success

    • Al Pacino in Serpico.

      Serpico review
      Al Pacino is at his intense best in classic 70s corrupt-cop thriller

    • San Francisco Sounds: A Place in Time Episode 102<br>Tower of Power in San Francisco Sounds

      ‘They thought they were immortal'
      The rise and fall of San Francisco’s 60s music scene

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How slavery changed the Guardian, Britain and the world


  • Dylan in Kyoto Garden in west London’s Holland Park

    ‘Monster koi carp surface like scaly whales’
    How I holidayed in Japan – without leaving London

  • An American bully XL with cropped ears. The practice is illegal in England and Wales, but it is still carried out by unscrupulous owners.

    Perfect pets or dangerous dogs?
    The sudden, surprising rise of American bully XLs

    Of the 10 fatal dog attacks in the UK last year, more than half involved a bully XL. But plenty of British owners love the breed. Should it be better regulated – or outright banned?
  • Journalist and author Marisa Bate

    A moment that changed me
    I heard my ex-stepmother’s voice on the radio – and learned how to forgive

    Twenty years after I had last seen her, she sounded warm, funny and clever. I suddenly understood how complicated and fallible we all are
    • Mexican masterclass: Felicity Cloake's nachos.

      Felicity Cloake's masterclass
      How to make nachos – recipe

    • Torbjørn Pedersen in Sri Lanka in 2023.

      Take the high road
      The man who visited every country in the world – without boarding a plane

    • Surfers in the waves at Garrettstown, West Cork

      Boards, bikes and hikes
      My family adventure in West Cork, Ireland

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Burned to the Ground

During a record high temperature of 49.6C, wildfires spread out of control and the village of Lytton turned to ash. We meet three local residents reluctant to leave their indigenous lands.

Watch now16.17
Man sitting on ruins


  • Uniforms for pineapple farm workers made from waste fabric by the Revival in Ghana.

    ‘We turn waste into something golden’
    The creatives transforming rags to riches

  • Employees at work with robots in an Amazon warehouse near Paris.

    Will AI steal my job?
    Maybe – but here are some possible new opportunities

    The rise of AI will destroy jobs – but also create them. And if you didn’t nab that £700,000 role at Netflix, there are plenty of new positions in the offing, many in surprising areas
  • A gull flies directly towards in the camera

    ‘They’re here at our invitation’
    How gulls took over the UK’s cities

    Urban gulls are often treated as nuisances but humans could learn a lot from the screeching snack-snatchers
    • Janet Yellen in Hanoi, Vietnam in July. The US Treasury Secretary has said she ate a meal containing hallucinogenic mushrooms while in China.

      Magic mushrooms
      Janet Yellen inadvertently ate hallucinogenic fungi in China – and started a trend

    • Hillary Clinton standing in front of a tapestry

      Hillary Clinton
      No gloating, just ‘profound sadness’ over Trump indictments

    • Silhouette of a man sitting in shade of trees by a river

      ‘You have to sacrifice your life’
      The drug runners of Colombia’s rainforests

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  • Train passing a derelict station at Lumio in the Balagne region of Corsica with snow covered mountains in the distance under a depp blue sky<br>HP6CFK Train passing a derelict station at Lumio in the Balagne region of Corsica with snow covered mountains in the distance under a depp blue sky

    Tell us about a great journey in Europe – you could win a holiday voucher

  • Volunteers sort out donations at a parking lot in Lahaina, for those affected by the wildfire in western Maui, Hawaii, on 12 August 2023.

    Hawaii fires
    Tell us about your connection with Lahaina

  • cat

    Tell us
    Has your love of New Zealand birds turned you against cat ownership?

  • Aerial view of Lahaina coast in the aftermath of wildfires<br>An aerial view as smoke rises from burnt areas amidst wildfires in Maui, Hawaii, U.S., August 9, 2023, in this screenshot taken from a social media video. Vince Carter/via REUTERS THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. MANDATORY CREDIT. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES.

    People in Maui
    How have you been affected by the wildfires?

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    Lionesses roar on to World Cup final showdown with Spain - Women’s Football Weekly

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    VAR controversy at Old Trafford and big spenders at Stamford Bridge - Football Weekly

  • Science
    Killing the Skydancer: episode two, The Perfect Crime – podcast

  • Today in Focus
    The mystery of the Crooked House fire

  • Biodiversity
    Killing the Skydancer: episode one, Susie’s Chicks – podcast

  • Today in Focus
    The Bibby Stockholm saga

  • Football Weekly
    Premier League returns with a bang and sanitation issues – Football Weekly

  • ‘Rush hour in a busy railway platform in India.’

    Readers' best photographs
    Commuter chaos and a royal couple

    A selection of Guardian readers’ photographs from around the world
  • A 12.5 metre-high sculpture of Emperor Wu of Han in Guazhou, Gansu Province, China

    Wednesday’s best photos
    World Cup fans and a Chinese emperor

  • From the series Loisaida Street Work-1984 to 1990. Photographs from New York's Lower East Side.

    Vintage New York
    Adventures on the Lower East Side

  • The Character study - 2nd place by Elena Paraskeva from Cyprus. Malevi: Diversity in Beauty. The bugs represent all those who bullied her physically and mentally throughout her life for her external self. In the portrait, she is undisturbed by them, almost unaware of their existence. This is Malevi conquering her demons and proudly showcasing her inner and outer beauty.

    2023 International Portrait Photographer of the Year

  • Photoshop vs Photo Shop by Güzin Mut.

    Would I lie to you?
    Images that speak the truth

  • A columbian fan ahead of the match against Germany in Sydney.

    Women’s World Cup
    The fans putting on a magnificent show of support

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